March 18, 2008

A bit behind schedule

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So officially part 7 of the tumbler series was the end of a complete cycle of the tumblers, start to finish.  But I’m constantly tumbling more rocks.  And I’ll continue to post pictures of the neat ones as they progress.  I should have checked the tumblers on Friday or Saturday, but again, life got in the way, so I have yet to check them.  Its on my list of things to do this afternoon, as this morning disappeared faster than I imagined.

And I’m trying to get my creative juices going again, so that I can make some new jewelry out of the pieces that came out of the polish phase last time.  Life keeps getting in the way, and distracting my brain from the creative process.  But soon…. new jewelry soon……


March 10, 2008

Tumblers, part 7

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I know I know… late. *hangs head in shame* I did check the tumblers on Friday, and took pictures… but other things happened… and I didn’t post them here… but it’s well worth the wait, in my opinion.

First the boring stuff….The large tumbler just had the standard check. A few pieces were done, most everything went back in. Some of them are pretty close but just not quite there. A chip or a crack, just waiting for the chip to get ground down, or the crack to fully break and the edges to be re-rounded. So we’ll see what happens in the coming weeks.

Not finished ready for 2

Now on to the fun stuff. The small tumbler has been running the polish stage for the past week. When I checked them, they were happily polished, so I rinsed them, and then retumbled them with some Borax soap for a few hours to burnish them. Then it was time to see what goodies I had. This can be such a long process sometimes you put a rock into the tumbler, and its 2 months before you see the final product. And things change, so sometimes I don’t remember what the rock looked like before it went into the tumbler. Others you remember vividly because they might have been such a trouble maker. The last several batches of rocks that I’ve done were difficult, and I wasn’t all that happy with the results. But these I was extremely happy… so here are a few of my favorites. The first one had such great colors, but after putting it through a couple of rounds of polishes it never came out all nice and shiny… finally its polished *wooohooo*


This is a piece of tree agate, that just wowed me…. I don’t remember putting it into the tumbler but I loved the way it turned out.


This is a piece of jasper (red… not sure beyond that, it came in a mix of rocks for tumbling)… and even though I’m not a fan of red… its kind of a dark brown-ey red and its kind of cool


And here is the full batch…. they are sitting on an 8 in paper dinner plate to give some idea of their sizes. Most of the larger ones will become pendants, the rest we’ll have to see… if I can come up with some pairs maybe earrings, or other items.


I started a new batch of rocks in the small tumbler… mostly sodalite, with a bit of amazonite and agate.  Currently in stage 2, for a week or so to smooth them out.

Check in the coming weeks for the finished items in my Etsy shop.  And I’ll continue to post regular tumbler updates here… as they are running 24/7.

March 9, 2008

I know the update is late…

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I do have some lovely polished beauties that came out of the tumbler on friday. But real life stepped in for a few days and I haven’t gotten a chance to post them on here…but, you can get a quick sneak peek at them on flickr. And hopefully tonight, or tomorrow I’ll explain.