April 29, 2008

A couple of new items

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Things have been slow lately. So much happening in my life, and yet at the same time seemingly so little. I was promoting the heck out of my shop and blog in February and beginning of March. But other than views and visits, no sales came of it. And then a few things happened in my personal life that stressed me out, and the outcome of all of it, I was burnt out. But I’m finally getting back into the swing of things, stuff doesn’t seem quite some hopeless or helpless anymore, and I’m creating again.

So here are a couple of pictures of my newest bracelets… The pink and brown bracelet uses the same Right Angle Weave technique as the Swarovski crystal bracelet I made in February (that just recently sold *yay*).

This tennis bracelet, I used a base of green Delicas and Swarovski Crystals, to give a different look than your typical gold or silver tennis bracelet. I like the look of it, but the pattern and instructions I used need some help…. This may end up being an absolute one of a kind…(this will be listed on Etsy soon)


March 4, 2008

Just a quick update….

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Finished up a couple of items….photographed them, and listed them on Etsy… Check them out.

Swarovski Bracelet and Diamond earrings.

I know, evil of me…. they aren’t real diamonds…but I made you look ūüėČ

March 1, 2008

How many addictions can one person have?

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Ok.. so mine are fairly calm… Although I might run a few people off the road trying to get to a bead store, or a rock shop… but hey I’m not driving drunk.

I’ve been composing a bracelet in my head for a few days.¬† On some sort of whim I bought root beer, smoked topaz, and powder almond beads.¬† For those who know me, I’m not a huge fan of brown…unless its mud splashed all over my truck, because I just drove through a huge mud puddle.¬† So I’m working up these browns, and I have a design I like, and then I added to it… and now I can’t figure out how to add a clasp.¬† Or what kind of clasp to add…. so I have this beautiful band… unable to be worn… with threads hanging out and I NEED to finish it.¬† But how?¬† So it’ll be another day while I work it out in my head.

In other news… my other addiction… feeding this blog.¬† After I finish one post, I’m ready to post another… even when I have nothing to post about.¬† Given that February was the first full month I was really promoting my blog and my Etsy shop, I was looking at the numbers…. ¬† The readership is steadily growing.¬† I had 509 views in January, I was hoping to meet that in February.¬† It was getting close, I was kind of worried, watching the numbers… can I really meet my goal… then bam…. 509 was passed… Hmmm, the way this is going I wonder if I can have 100 more views.¬† Yep, had 100, maybe 200?¬† Ok, not quite 200… topped out at 688, just 21 shy.¬† Not bad.¬† So, thank you everyone for reading, and surpassing my goals.

Don’t forget, next friday, I should have happily polished rocks for new jewelry, so check back.

February 28, 2008

I’m addicted….

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Ok, I knew that 15-ish yrs ago when I worked in a bead store. Back then, I did a ton of seed bead work, and just a little bit of stringing beads. Since then, the focus has changed, I’ve mostly strung or restrung (repaired) things. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets. Simple earrings that didn’t involve weaving or stitching.

But sitting here looking at my stash of seed beads with vials that are maybe 1/5 full. There’s not enough for any major project, but too many to just ignore. I’ve gotten back into seed bead work. (see the last couple of posts…) And again, I’m addicted. And I wish I worked in a beadstore again. I started a bracelet yesterday, but was unhappy with the color choices, I want to just go over to the wall and pick up the color I want. Rather than, drive to the nearest store to see what they have… or go online to guess if their pictures are accurate.

So anyway, after starting and undoing a number of projects… I finished a bracelet yesterday… It’ll be up on Etsy soon.


February 26, 2008

Beaded Jewelry

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I posted the blue and white bracelet that I made last week.¬† But I couldn’t stop there… I made earrings and a ring to go with it.¬† Ok, so there’s not always a call for a set…but this is an odd set, I still haven’t decided if I’m going to sell these, but I might (in other words… if you tell me you just *have* to have it, I’ll sell it to ya).

My goal has been to use up some of the odds and ends of seed beads that I’ve accumulated with various projects.¬† Upon the completion of the ring, I’m out of the blue, for all intensive purposes.

I love the feeling of the beaded jewelry… the way the beads roll around, its feels slinky and svelte.¬† I’m definitely going to be making more of these…

Beaded set

February 20, 2008

New bracelets

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I had my second chain maille class last night.  I got off to a rough start, adding too many rings in the wrong order and completely confusing myself.  Eventually, I managed to get back onto the right track, and get the bracelet into good working order.  Finished in under an hour today.

Roosa Bracelet   detail

In addition to the chain maille bracelet, I’ve been collecting patterns and Ideas for seed beads.¬† I have half a dozen or more tubes with just enough beads to look like a significant amount. ¬† But not enough beads to do any major project.¬†¬† I started making a project out of the most recent Bead and Button magazine.¬† About 1/3 of the way through, I decided I didn’t like it, and took it out. ¬† I made some changes, and restarted it, and after several hours of beading, a bracelet emerged.¬† There are a few changes I’m going to make before I offer this, or something similar, up for sale… But I like the pattern.

beaded bracelet   detail

February 8, 2008

Chain maille

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Before Christmas, a local big box craft store had a whole display of kits to do various projects.¬† I kept looking at them, thinking about it, and then decided no, I ought to wait.¬† Well I waited too long.¬† After Christmas, the only sign that the display had ever existed was a lone beat-up sad box on the clearance rack.¬† I hemmed and hawed, searched high and low for a reasonable kit online.¬† I don’t want to make my own jump rings, I don’t want to design my pieces, I just want to open baggies and put something together to find out if this technique is something I can and want to learn.

Now, back to the kits online, I’m sure they are high quality and all that jazz, but I’m not quite interested in a $70 kit using sterling silver rings, as a *learners kit*.¬† I want to spend $20, and use copper or aluminum rings but no such luck. ¬† But, I found out that my local bead store offers basically free classes (ok, I knew they offered classes for months and months).¬†¬† If you buy the materials at their store, they don’t charge for the class, and you get a discount on the materials.¬† Woohooo.

So I found a chain maille class that didn’t require a ton of experience, and signed up.¬† The class was yesterday evening, and interesting.¬† I’m half way through my bracelet.¬† I’m not fond of the silver rings used.¬† They are a hot ‘new’ silver (Argentium) which is the .925 pure silver like Sterling, but the other .075 is something other than what is in Sterling.¬† They are supposed to be tarnish resistant.¬† But they are also stiffer, and more difficult to work with, that’s what I don’t like about them.¬† But I like the design for the bracelet.¬† I’ll post pictures when I’m done.