About me

Well… Duh… I realized at some point yesterday I don’t have a good bio page.  This will be it, as I write it.

To start,  I’ve been making jewelry for close to a dozen years.  Ok, so most of that time I was just old enough to drive.  I had the plastic pony beads that seemingly all kids had, I used them on fringe for shirts, necklaces, bracelets and whatever else I could manage to make.  At some point, I graduated to glass and stone.  Family trips suddenly included a stop at a beading store for me, and other craft stores for my mother (mainly fabrics for quilting).

Some time in there, dad pulled out a beading loom, and my mom requested something to hold her glasses, which she only wore part time.  Another trip to the bead store, and a pattern was decided upon, and off I went.  Then a hat band for me… and I was hooked.  There was a bead store in the same building my parents worked, and she needed some help, so I helped her out.  Any time the store was empty, I was free to work on my own projects… did I mention I was hooked??

Fast forward a few years, where most of my skills went towards repairing items… I need a creative outlet.  Not to mention, with a tumbler rolling, eventually there is a ton of shiny little pretty rocks that are just becking to have something done with them.  Ok, not a ton literally… but there’s quite a few.



  1. Lisa C said,

    Congratulations, it sounds like you are doing great!

  2. I love pretty stones! So I created a website to show off Eggtooth Originals: gemstone earrings, necklaces & bracelets made by a local friend, here in Siskiyou Co, Mt. Shasta, Ca.

    I also am a Religious Science minister wearing Science of Mind jewelry. So I added SOM pendants, rings, pins, earrings, etc. on my web site. These, along with Oneness Symbol Jewelry, are what sells. Check it out: http://www.JewelryGems.org.

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