August 16, 2009


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For any number of reasons, I’m having a sale in my etsy shop.  Everything is 10% off, and there’s no shipping on all orders under $25.  The sale will run through the 26th…so go take a look, and get your jewelry now!


August 10, 2009

Man have I taken a break!

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For better or worse…probably not for the better.  I ran out of creative juice, last year.  I switched to knitting for awhile, the repetitive nature of the craft allowed me to focus and almost meditate.  I needed some time to take my mind off of my finances, my personal life, and anything else that was going on.  I’ve been working for a non-profit that helps homeless teens, and while I wasn’t a perfect child, I have a new appreciation for how my parents raised me.  But at times its a draining job, so many sad stories, tears, and pain.  Of course there are highs, laughter and joy too.

Tomorrow marks the three month anniversary of my mother’s death (Rest in Peace, Mom).  I miss her just as much today, as the day she passed.  I don’t expect to miss her less, maybe miss is the wrong word.  Anyway, our family friends, one of whom has survived a brain tumor, is doing a fundraiser walk in Pheonix in October.

This is their team Pit Crew and I would like to encourage anyone who can, to support them, either by donation, or walking.

Anyway….I am hoping to get back to jewelry soon.  Hoping to set up a studio just for that in my apartment.  Ok, hoping is a bad word.  I will get back to jewelry soon.  I will set up a studio.  Period.  Definitive statements….nothing wishy-washy.

Until then….

Peace, love, and yellow jello.