February 28, 2008

I’m addicted….

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Ok, I knew that 15-ish yrs ago when I worked in a bead store. Back then, I did a ton of seed bead work, and just a little bit of stringing beads. Since then, the focus has changed, I’ve mostly strung or restrung (repaired) things. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets. Simple earrings that didn’t involve weaving or stitching.

But sitting here looking at my stash of seed beads with vials that are maybe 1/5 full. There’s not enough for any major project, but too many to just ignore. I’ve gotten back into seed bead work. (see the last couple of posts…) And again, I’m addicted. And I wish I worked in a beadstore again. I started a bracelet yesterday, but was unhappy with the color choices, I want to just go over to the wall and pick up the color I want. Rather than, drive to the nearest store to see what they have… or go online to guess if their pictures are accurate.

So anyway, after starting and undoing a number of projects… I finished a bracelet yesterday… It’ll be up on Etsy soon.




  1. LaMar said,

    I love to read inspiration and motivated storys…It lets me know that I can do it too

  2. That piece is very pretty, is it on a chair? If it is I like that as a prop use.

    And in response, yes you can write on the magnets with anything your heart desires, but once its on the paper its on, not erasable, unless you use pencil!

  3. Actually, its on a display designed for earrings. You can kind of see the hole for the earring just to the right.

  4. subeeds said,

    Hi, my name is Sue and I’m addicted to seed beads too. I realized this when my husband asked me why my bead cabinet was sinking into the carpet. I looked,sort of guesstimated and realized that I have close to 18 pounds of seed beads in it. And I still never have the colors I want. LOL!

  5. LOL. For me the worst is running out to pick up a tube of white, forgetting to take what you’re matching it to… getting there that there’s at least 5 different whites….and picking up the wrong one. And you already have at least two tubes of that one.

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