February 15, 2008

Tumblers, part 4

Posted in Tumbler tagged , at 10:49 am by jewelrybyleyla

Wow, week four already. By the general formula, I should have happy polished rocks now. But I’m not one to follow the norm. A four week process can give you a nice shine…but a longer process will make the perfectionist in everyone happy.

So, since I haven’t done a real update on the blog in a couple of days, I wanted to do this one early. There’s no pictures, because there’s not much to show this week.

Here’s what we have: The large tumbler I’ve pulled out most of the well rounded finished rocks, so when I opened it up this week, the rocks are still in various shapes of square. A number of pointy edges, cracks and crevices greeted me. So they all went back in for another week. I also added a few more rocks, to add some bulk to the barrel.

In the smaller tumbler, I started a small batch of rocks on stage two last week. They are shaping up nicely, but I am leaving them in stage two for another week, to finish smoothing them out for stage three.

So check back next week, to see the progress… In the meantime, check out Etsy to see what I’ve done with past batches.


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