February 12, 2008

Because we need a little bit of spring

Posted in New Jewelry tagged , at 11:35 am by jewelrybyleyla

Supposedly there’s another 6 weeks of winter, if you believe Phil the groundhog. But, we need a bit of spring, some flowers and bright colors. I’ve been playing with this design in my head for a few days, and I’m finally happy with the results. So if you’re tired of winter and snow, check out these bouquets of flowers for your ears.




  1. Amy Esther said,

    very cute earrings!

  2. thanks! 🙂

  3. that’s a nice idea for spring!

  4. Tizzalicious said,

    Those are really cute!

  5. Cora said,

    I love those earrings and the colors are beautiful.

  6. Jennifer said,

    your earrings have me thinking springtime! which of course, i desperately need, lol. no more snow!!!! bring on the flowers 😉

  7. I’m somewhat lucky… being in Las Vegas.. there’s no snow to speak of, but the past two days we’ve had a cold northern front that made our 70+F temps disappear…. But I’m all about the flowers and nicer weather… I can’t wait until I can plant a garden again.

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