February 10, 2008

Tumblers Part 3

Posted in Tumbler at 3:45 pm by jewelrybyleyla

As promised, although a little behind schedule.

I checked the tumblers today, and began the weekly sorting. I decided that some of the ones that have already been pulled out, will be moved on to the next stage. So I washed out the small tumbler a million and a half times, to make sure all the grit from the first stage had been removed, and I restarted it. It now contains a full load of rocks that passed inspection, and soap in order to clean them. In a few hours I’ll go open that one up, and rinse off the rocks and put in Stage 2 grit, 120/220. They’ll spend 1-2 weeks in Stage 2.

There are still a number of rocks going in Stage 1, and every week I add a few more to replace the ones that I’ve removed. So it’s a never ending process. Well, eventually I’ll end up with 15 lbs of rocks that are ready for stage 2 all at the same time, and then I may clean out the big tumbler and run it for stage 2.

And now for the pictures…

rough done

As always… please check back next week for the next installment. And check out my Etsy store to see what I’ve done with past batches.


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  1. GrayEyedScorpio said,

    Very cool–this process fascinates me.

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