January 19, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

Posted in New Jewelry, Tumbler at 1:21 pm by jewelrybyleyla

Hmmm I can’t remember the rest of that song…yes, a western oldie….

Anyway, the tumblers are rolling along… and there’s some exciting things going on inside them. I checked yesterday and the rocks are progressing nicely, although they are just on the first stage, and its only been a week for most of them. It will still be awhile before there’s anything in a finished state.

In the meantime, I still have some fluorite, amethyst, and other various quartzes to work with and incorporate into jewelry. As I was falling asleep last night I had an idea for some quasi-Valentine’s day jewelry. Not so overly hearty that they couldn’t be worn at other times of the year as well… so keep an eye out for those.



  1. Katina said,

    Hi. First time to your blog and I like the jewelry I’ve seen. As for the song. It was used as the theme song to the TV Western “Rawhide”, ie: rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, keep those doggies movin’, Rawhide!

  2. Yup that’s the one 😀 I knew it was the theme to one of the old Westerns. Thanks!

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