January 31, 2008

Something new

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I’ve started a flickr page to put all my jewelry photos, since I will likely run out of room on wordpress to put all the pictures I have of my jewelry. Down at the bottom of the column on the right hand side is a mini-feed from flickr, in case you don’t want to navigate away from this site.

Also, remember to check back tomorrow (friday, Feb 1st) to see the progress of the rocks in the tumbler. Fingers are crossed that more of them will be ready for the next stage of polish…. but come back to see what happens!


January 30, 2008

Creative block?

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I’ve been somewhat busy making earrings.  I’ve seen and purchased a few new chandelier type findings to help in the expansion of the style of earrings that I’ve been making.

But while I’ve been doing that, I have a couple of loose necklace pendants sitting on my work table.  A piece of amethyst and a piece of amazonite.  They are begging to be made into a necklaces, only there hasn’t been a good combination of colors or beads that really go with these two focal pieces.  So they sit there… still screaming at me…and I can’t quite figure out what do with them.  Hopefully, I can figure something out soon, so that they can become finished pieces.

January 28, 2008

I will wear purple

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When I am an old woman,
I shall wear purple – –
With a red hat which doesn’t go,
and doesn’t suit me. (Jenny Joseph)

I often get into a purple mood, and today was one of those days. A new pair of earrings came from this mood. Passionate about purple? You don’t have to be old, these will be great for anyone… Watch Etsy tomorrow for the listing.  And just maybe there will be a pair of red earrings as well.

January 25, 2008

The tumbler

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In order to make this blog about the whole craft of making jewelry, I’ve decided to do a weekly feature about the tumbler, and its process and progress.

Unfortunately, since I came up with this idea today, and I’m already 2-3 weeks into the process, I don’t have pictures of the first phases. But, I’ll walk through it anyway. It starts out with some minerals and rocks, a good starting place is someplace like The Rock Shed, and getting some rocks. I picked up one of their mixes, along with some extra things like moss and tree agates. This went into the tumbler along with coarse Silicon Carbide grit and water. The tumbler simulates a stream bed on a much faster scale… so decades of work is being accomplished in mere weeks.

So I checked the tumbler today, after most things had been in there for 2 weeks. A few items had been in for a week longer. And quite a few rocks had already been tumbled along the shores of the Great Lakes, and were sent to me by a friend. Here is what they looked like before I started poking through them a bit more….

Whole batch

I spent the next hour and a half at least, sorting through them. In the end, I came out with three batches: Rocks that I was happy with and will be moved on to the next stage…. Rocks that will spend at least another week in the tumbler…. And a group of citrine, carnelian and rose quartz that I will end up tumbling separate from the rest… so here are the pictures in that order….

Sorted Not done yet Various Quartz

Stay tuned…. next Friday or Saturday I’ll see how many more are done! Check out my Etsy to see what I’ve done with previous batches of rocks.

January 22, 2008

Never thought I would….

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I’m not much for red and pinks…. So I never really figured I’m make really overt Valentine’s Day jewelry. But I made a couple of pairs of earrings that I like… So they’re being added to Etsy today and tomorrow.

January 19, 2008

Rolling, rolling, rolling…

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Hmmm I can’t remember the rest of that song…yes, a western oldie….

Anyway, the tumblers are rolling along… and there’s some exciting things going on inside them. I checked yesterday and the rocks are progressing nicely, although they are just on the first stage, and its only been a week for most of them. It will still be awhile before there’s anything in a finished state.

In the meantime, I still have some fluorite, amethyst, and other various quartzes to work with and incorporate into jewelry. As I was falling asleep last night I had an idea for some quasi-Valentine’s day jewelry. Not so overly hearty that they couldn’t be worn at other times of the year as well… so keep an eye out for those.

January 16, 2008

New Fluorite Set

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I’m working on the pictures now… well I will be as soon as I finish making dinner! They’ll be listed soon on Etsy…

Necklace   earrings

January 15, 2008

New things added

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Adding a new pair of earrings….

I am also in the process of updating some of the photos.  I’ve learned all sorts of new stuff, and I think the quality of the photos is improving.  So, the first several things listed at my shop are now getting photographs that will do them justice.

January 9, 2008

New Items

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Ok, so the Christmas and New Years holidays gave me a bit of a creative road block. But, I buckled down and finished a couple of necklaces this evening. One is already up for sale, and the other will be in the morning. I’m hoping to get some earrings designed for the multi-strand necklace… or just some earrings in general.

Click to check out the jewelry

January 7, 2008

Recently updated

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I’ve heard back from all the gift recipients of the sets on the Custom Ordered sets. Everyone liked their gifts. Check them out. If you’re interested in ordering something drop me an email.