December 7, 2007

More rocks

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With any luck (meaning keep all your toes and fingers crossed), I will pull out some yellow calcite, along with more green fluorite and some black tourmaline from the tumbler tomorrow.  Now just to figure out what to put in next… I may re-try the sodalite, or go for a variety of quartz/jasper.

My supplies came in, and the important things arrive… the glue, needles and right stringing material… unfortunately some things were back ordered.    One item had already arrived in the warehouse when I called, but the other two items were 2-6 weeks out.   There must have been a run on the items, because their website said they were in stock.


December 6, 2007

Fluorite and supplies

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Pulled some usable pieces of green translucent fluorite out of the tumbler this evening.  Will see what I can do with some of the pieces tomorrow.

Also waiting on epoxy coming in a supply shipment on friday.  So I’ll be able to make more things then.

December 5, 2007

Sneak peaks

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A couple of new necklaces I’ve been working on. Bad pictures, as I don’t have my usual bright light sources. And I’m waiting on clasps…
asymetrical-multi-strand.jpg    hpim0342.jpg

December 2, 2007


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I’m not that happy with the way the sodalite turned out. Something broke, and scratched up the surfaces in the final stages. So I will be re-polishing most everything. The amethyst seems to be ok so far.

So, new purple jewels, not so many new blues…. Green Flourite is up next…